Different Types of Self Care


self care

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It is very much okay to disengage sometimes. Below are some things that I have found are therapeutic and calming that aren’t always considered self care:

  • ceasing reading/ watching the news
  • not hanging out with certain people
  • not answering every phone call
  • leave some messages unanswered
  • logging off social media
  • Napping
  • washing all bed linens and making it up fresh
  • tea
  • audiobooks (this was a hard sell for me but I totally get it now)
  • ASMR is you are one that is triggered
  • a long drive
  • a long, hot, shower
  • Verbalizing your wants
  • Refusing things that make you feel like you’re going out of your way
  • taking a walk
  • curling up under your favorite blanket
  • taking time to do your makeup/hair
  • air drying after bathing
  • watching crappy movies
  • documenting your day (journaling, planner, etc)
  • adding candlelight to your surroundings
  • finishing all those small to do’s
  • deleting all those unread emails
  • uninstalling work related things from your personal devices
  • put your phone on do not disturb for a few hours
  • invest in nice sleepwear and/or underwear
  • moisturize yourself thoroughly
  • invest some time in your hobby regardless of your skill level (practice makes perfect)
  • do nothing. seriously. just veg out every once in awhile
  • drink some water
  • declutter
  • masturbate