Hair Tips from a 4b- low porosity

Recently decided to give up braids for wearing my hair in it’s natural state. My natural state being 26 years of nothing other than haircuts. No chemical treatments, color, etc. I have learned a few things recently:

  1. Hair porosity is almost more important than that all consuming questions of “what is my curl pattern?” Porosity helps guide you to which products and applications of that product will work best for your hair type. Moisture is no good if it is sitting on top vs being absorbed by your lovely strands  (you can check out more on that here


3) NOT EVERYTHING WORKS FOR EVERYONE- yes two times because this seems to be a common misconception. Those “hair divas” you watch…let’s be’re not seeing what all they do behind the scenes to get those looks. Plus many are sponsored so they have the ability sit around all day and do their hair and use free product. Not to say that all of them fall into this category but camera quality should be a tip off.

4) More expensive is not “more better” so to speak. For example I recently used CHI 44 Iron Guard, really disappointed. It made my hair stiff, sticky and killed my shine. After consulting a hair stylist friend and attempting application in various’s just not for me. In light of that DO NOT EVER THINK that a product not working for your hair is your fault. Chemistry doesn’t always jive and that’s ok.

5) Don’t be afraid to get in there and experiment. Do what you want. Does that wild style look good with your face? DO IT! If you like straight as a pin, go for it. Your hair is super unique from root to tip, give it a chance to do it’s thing and then you can learn how to manipulate it and keep it happy.

6) If you are a 4b depending upon your porosity  applying product will be better with a little heat. It will allow your hair to absorb all those yummy nutrients it craves.

7) Coconut oil — I’m sure you’ve heard it all– is a great go to. Always will be. The Vitamin Shoppe sells it for a whopping $5 and tax, best of all it is EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) and is fair trade!

^^That being said PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS A HEAT PROTECTANT! You’re right it does have a high smoke point BUT you should not hear your hair sizzle or see smoke. That means you’re sautéing your hair! Whatever your price point look into a bottle of heat protectant spray to spare your strands the damage.

8) Not everyone has baby hair ok? Let me be more specific here…if you don’t have baby hairs to slick down you’re still a baddie ok? I don’t have them, I have edges. My baby hairs are actually short, delicate little things that happily float along for the ride. Not even remotely enough nor dark enough to plaster down with eco styler. Don’t torture yourself. Ladies with naturally long baby hairs, shout out! You cute. But hey guess what? Don’t be dick to girls who don’t k? They are just as cute.

9) Brushing your hair and massaging your scalp are great for your hair. These two acts stimulate receptors responsible for growth and encourage them to keep up the work! Aka you now have a scientific excuse to get a scalp massage from your main squeeze!


That’s all for right this second, but if you think of something let me know! I love to hear from and talk to other bloggers as well as readers. ❤ Hope



Purple Hair and Polka Dot Pants

This humble container of fuchsia hair dye, although small, is my small success. $5 and a trip to Sally Beauty Supply has provided me a new sense of freedom. Things have not been exactly smooth since graduation (May 2014), especially in the last month. But adding a random, pretty color to my hair has made things seem a little more manageable. Simple and superficial as it could sound, I don’t care. That is the best part of finally letting yourself off the hook and shirking the responsibility and accountability you have had to carry with you for years, you learn that you ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CARE.


Then came the pair of polka dot pants that I absolutely adore. A month ago I never would have put them on…because my fear of the impending criticism was crippling…

Le Polka Dot Pants

Le Polka Dot Pants

I’ve crippled myself. I take full responsibility, although there are facets that I couldn’t control. I let someone (my mother) dig her claws so deep into me that in the last month of my 24th year of life, I’m just starting to get a hold of who I am and what I can be. Self deprecating and self shaming is no way to live. Being a sunshine loving, dance in inappropriate places, funny, book loving hippy baby, that loves all things glitter is totally ok! People love me the way I have been (we shall call that period the dark years) and I am starting to see that they are showing even more support and a greater love towards as I make my baby steps out into myself. So TAKE THAT world and all the expectations and unrealistic goals that I DO NOT CARE to meet or attain. I’ll be happily sashaying about in my polka dot trousers and flipping my deep and subtly purple hair!